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AAntler tannery division manufactures wide range of leathers suitable for making shoes, leathergoods, garments and saddlery in the following types – Cow leathers, Buffalo leathers, Goat leathers and Sheep leathers.

Infrastructure of the Tannery Division

Wet Drums [300 kgs capacity]  – 4 nos

Staking machine – 1no

Polypropylene   Drum [PP]   [600 kgs capacity] – 1no

Roller coating machine – 1no.

Sample drums – 3 nos

Mollissa machine – 2nos

Dry drums – 2 nos

Auto toggling machine – 1no

Reversible setting machine – 3 nos

Plating machine – 1no

Polishing machine – 1no.

Potary ironing machine – 1no

Auto spray machine – 2 nos

Measuring machine – 1no

Roller measuring machine with printing – 1no


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