Leather Goods

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Leather Goods

Antler manufactures every leather product conceivable from key fobs to big travelbags. with skill, sincerity, dedication and client assurance.Antler is out to perform newer heights.

Antler leathergoods division fabricates and exports the following products to the european countries :
men's portfolios, excutive cases, hand bags, wallets and purses, flat leathergoods, small leathergoods.

Annual capacity of the leathergoods produced in pieces
Infrastructure of the leathergoods unit
Portfolio bags = 15,000 pcs Leather strap cutting machine – 1no. Clicking machine – 2 nos
Handbags / rucksacks = 15,000 pcs Heavy duty clicking machine – 2 nos Splitting machine – 1 no
Wallets / flat leather goods = 50,000 pcs Flat bed stitching machine [singer, adler]– 12 nos Eyelett machine – 1 no
Small leathergoods = 100,000 pcs Embossing machine [compressor based] – 2 nos Folding machine – 2 nos
Cylinder bed stitching machine – 1no. Auto strap packing machine – 1no
Postbed double needle stitching machine [seiko] – 1 no. Cylinder bed stitching machine [adler] – 3 nos

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